Former Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson is reportedly considering challenging President Biden for the White House in 2024.

The spiritual self-help author is expected to make an announcement about her political future this weekend in New Hampshire, and, should she enter the race, will be the first declared Democratic candidate considering Biden has not yet officially announced he will run for re-election.

‘Apparently Biden’s going to run on a message that the economy is getting stronger. I think that speaks to the disconnect between the analysis of party elites versus the struggle of everyday Americans,’ Williamson told Politico this week about what was factoring into her decision-making process.  

‘We’re being asked to limit our political imaginations — to just accept the low unemployment and low inflation rate, that that is sort of the best that we can get,’ she added. ‘But that is a hollow victory. The majority of Americans are still struggling to survive.’

Williamson ran for the White House in the 2020 Democratic primaries before ultimately dropping out in January ahead of the Iowa Caucuses and endorsing Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

She faced accusations of being an anti-vaxxer during her last run, but has sharply denied she is anti-science. She brought up the accusations when asked by Politico what the media got wrong about her as a candidate the last cycle.

‘I’m certainly not anti-science. I’m not anti-vax. I’m not the crystal lady. I didn’t tell people they got sick because they didn’t pray enough. Basically, I’m not stupid,’ she told Politico.

The Democratic National Committee has shaken up its presidential nominating calendar to move New Hampshire, which has long held the first primary of the presidential nominating cycle, into third place. The move has upset many in New Hampshire and has led to speculation that Biden could face a primary challenger in that state.

‘How can the Democratic Party present itself as a champion of democracy and do something as undemocratic as overtly engineering the primary schedule to make sure that their chosen candidate would win it?’ Williamson told Politico. ‘That is spitting in the face of democracy.’

Williamson said she would run as a Democrat rather than as an independent if she entered the race. Another Democrat rumored to be mulling his own Biden challenge is environmental lawyer and anti-COVID vaccine crusader Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the son of the late Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report.

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